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Fast food caseiro

Agilidade, padronização e baixo custo do Fast Food, sabor e qualidade do caseiro!

Galeto's In Box Express

1. Escolha a massa

Massa espaguete ou parafuso


2. Escolha o molho

Molho 4 queijos, madeira, azeite de oliva + queijo ou molho de tomate

3. Escolha o galeto

Peito de frango assado com ervas finas ou coxinha da asa assada com molho barbecue

4. Receba em casa ou no trabalho

Entregas programadas e econômicas ou peça quando quiser e nossos sistema de delivery leva até você!



Chicken shawarma & tabbouleh

Cardamon and sumac give the chicken its deep Middle Eastern flavors. It tastes great with the tabbouleh salad mix featuring peppers, radish, and herbs served with pickled red cabbage, carrot slaw, and pink onion.


Fritters with seaweed salad & nutty freekah

These fritters are a delicious mix of smoky corn, green beans and tofu. While the seaweed salad features a cocktail of carrot, red pepper, mango, mint, lemon juice and ginger. And the freekah comes with spinach and cashews.


Sesame salmon with a noodle salad

Your salmon fillet is baked with toasted sesame seeds and served next to a rice pasta salad with stuffed gherkin, carrot, and beetroot. To fragrance the flavor we dress the pasta in sesame oil and add a tahini dressing.


Vietnamese chicken vermicelli noodles with a salad

Vietnamese-roasted chicken breast with brown rice vermicelli and soy sauce. To balance the rich salty flavor we add raw grapefruit, red pepper, gherkin pickle, coriander, and peanuts.


Falafel with slaw, hummus & salsa

The roasted sweet potato with coriander and chickpea gives the falafel a great flavor are accompanied by a chile pepper hummus. The salsa’s a tangy mix of ripe tomatoes, finely chopped red onion, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil.


Moroccan chicken & citrus bulgur wheat

A Moroccan-spiced chicken breast with rass el hanout and ginger. As well as lemon and pomegranate, the mouthwatering bulgur wheat is flavored with fresh mint and cumin. This dish also comes with beetroot and carrot. 

Take care of your team. Order delicious and healthy meals.

Agilidade do Fast Food, gostinho do caseiro

Freshly Prepared Healthy Ingredients

Delicious & Balanced Menu

O que dizem nossos clientes

Veja o que dizem nossos clientes


Claudia Lloyd

Office Manager at Oceantronics

"We really love using HealthyEating for our team lunches. They always deliver the food on time, there’s a great variety to choose from with options for everyone and it’s really easy to order!"


Kaleb Nonn

CEO at Bookored

"We enjoy being able to make the most of our break. Every morning the team checks what the daily HealthyEating. It really brings a change to our routine!"


Elizabeth Smith

Director of Media at Legal Company

“Quantum is a reliable and professional company that applies high technology and creates exclusive programs for the clients. We highly appreciate this approach and will definitely continue our fruitful cooperation with them.”

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Suporte ao cliente

  • How do I preview details of my meal?

    From your Meal Calendar, click on the photo of the meal you’d like to preview. This will link you to the full menu and meal details page.

  • How do I see which products contain allergy-causing agents?

    Labels note when the following common FDA allergens are present: gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, shellfish. Additionally, this information will be specified on labels on your meal.As with any restaurant-prepared meal, cross contamination is possible. If this is a concern for your team, please chat directly with us about it.

  • Do you serve breakfast too? Happy hours?

    HealthyEating serves all meals! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour, treats – you name it, we can do it!

  • How do I add a meal?

    You can add a meal by clicking “Request a Meal” on the top right of your Meal Calendar. Note that meals requested with less than two business days notice are not guaranteed. You can also request a meal by clicking on any date without a meal on your meal calendar.

  • How do I change my schedule?

    Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email moc.liame%40etisym with the schedule changes you’d like to make and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

  • How do I share meal details with my team?

    Click the ellipsis (...) on the meal in your Meal Calendar or the two squares within the meal itself on the bottom of the screen to copy the meal URL and send it to your team.Also, you and your team can integrate your calendars or Slack with your Meal Calendar. To do so, click your name on the upper right-hand side of the page and select “Preferences”. On the left, click “Notifications” and scroll down to “Integrations” where you’ll find instructions to setup calendar and Slack integrations*.
    *Slack integrations must be completed by your team’s Slack administrator.

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